Zapéd // Still Need U (Single) // Review

Drenched in atmospheric tones and synths, Zapéd’s latest single ‘Still Need U’ is a deep and moody groove showcasing the depth and sincerity the Brisbane producer so easily possesses.

Jordan De Pasquele (stage named, Zapéd) began his project out of his bedroom in Brisbane but has recently toured the European circuit to hone in on his production style. This change in scenery has only upped the ante on his music, allowing for a greater level of technique and understanding to be applied to both his singles and live sets.

This is more than on display with his latest single ‘Still Need U’. Released under Kite String Tangles, Exist Recordings label, ‘Still Need U’ is emotive and captivating in execution thanks to its dark undertones in both production and lyric work.

Opening through a filtered drum beat, the crunchy snares and punchy bass reel you in by the time Depas’ breathy vocals are mixed in. Spots of guitar and synth fluctuate as a steady build flows into the chorus. This is where Depas’ vocals are on stunning display and the dark undercurrent is shed for a spacey-electro ambience. “Oh I still need you in my life, you were a love that felt so right”, Depas’ swoons over the chorus. There’s a heavy Rufus Du Sol and Bob Moses infusion within the textures of ‘Still Need U’, and that is no issue whatsoever.

“The song is fairly emotive yet it has an overall ‘sinister’ feel which is meant to make the listener feel a little on edge/uneasy.“ - Zapéd.

It’s obvious that the tone and story Depas’ wanted to tell was achieved when listening to the track and hearing how he speaks of it’s direction. That’s the hidden beauty behind this track, the surety and confidence that Depas’ has put down from the group up. Depas’ is fully aware of how he wants the atmosphere and overall feel of the song to be to listeners, this speaks through the music created. When an artist like Zapéd creates music like this it only creates hype for things to come, because confidence this early on is rare to find in artists.

As well as this brand new release, Zapéd has been listed on the bill for ARCADIA music festival, running on the 4th to the 6th of May in the Goombura Valley. ARCADIA is centred around electronic Australian music, putting artists on the bill that are specifically making their way up in the music world. This year ARCADIA’s acts will be of similar ilk to Zapéd, with most residing in Queensland and producing a unique blend of electronic and techno sound.

With this brand new single under Exist Recordings and a huge Queensland electronic festival on the books, it appears that Zapéd is just getting started for what is going to be a massive 2019. Us here at T-Rex can’t wait to see what’s in store for the talented and enigmatic producer.

‘Still Need U’ is out now on all streaming platforms via Exist Recordings.

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