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My favourite music moment

Although a plethora of music memories flood my mind, my favourite music moment has to be at The 1975’s A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships tour.


Their albums had soundtracked my adolescence, from blasting ‘Settle Down’ to look cool and indie at thirteen, to romanticising my comical Year 10 moodiness with ‘Somebody Else’. As I got older, I grew apart from the band, occasionally smiling whenever their songs played on shuffle.


When they had announced a 2019 tour, something within me completely awakened. I had to go. I remember asking my friend in a spare if I should buy mosh or not. She was shocked I even asked.


“Yes, don’t you love them?”


I was reviewing the tour setlist for months, sneaking their most underrated tunes through my headphones in school and watching concert videos on YouTube. I was waiting eagerly for my most excitable song ‘The Sound’. I knew the whole crowd would be jumping at the effervescent bridge, frontman Matty screaming, ‘1, 2, 1, 2, FUCKING JUMP!’.


The day of the concert, my friend and I had ditched our mock Year 12 health exam. We were headed to Melbourne’s School Strike 4 Climate with our friends, absorbing the Springtime vibes. I remember my stomach filling with keen anxiety, breathing in the air of social change and awaiting one of the best nights ever.


Everyone in the mosh was waiting for the moment - a sea of mesh tops and glittery eyeliner - all of us yearning to throw our arms in the air and stomp our Doc Martens on the plastic-cup filled floor (so much for climate activism). When it came, pink lights illuminated the sold-out arena and the crowd erupted, oxygen departing our lungs and euphoria filling its place. There was a beautiful commonality present - everyone there had some story with this edgy, pretentious British band. We were a family then; jumping, singing, screaming and laughing. I absorbed that bliss and stored it within me, knowingly keeping this moment as an ode to my teenagehood.

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