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Sophie Groll


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Glittered across the T-Rex Musiq site and socials you will find this cute little dino poking its head around. Sophie deserves all the credit for this. Along with designing a blueprint template for posts on all of our media platforms, the colourful and vibrant way that we present ourselves as an independent music blog is on the back of this super talented woman.
Check out Sophie's page if you are wanting to peep some nice designs or are needing help with your branding.

Despite years of attending small concerts in ‘dodgy’ and ‘divey’ bars filled with character, my absolute favourite music moment would have to be visiting Splendour in the Grass in 2019. It’s almost impossible to pick one stand out moment from the 5 days we spent in sunny Byron, dancing with our new friends and tent neighbours in the biggest mosh I’ve been in, to Childish Gambino, entering a steamy shipping container through a washing machine door to party with Alex Dyson (dancing to a Saddle Club theme song remix) or experiencing Tame Impala’s jam-packed incredible set, it truly was a week to remember.


Until I visited Splendour I never saw myself as a festival goer, but a year off from Uni to travel led me to the Byron Parklands and I’m so glad it did. Despite being severely sleep-deprived and having eaten questionable camp meals for 5 days, not to mention the cold nights that I did not pack for…it was an unforgettable experience that opened my eyes to so many new artists and experiences.


Not sure why it took me so long to go to a festival like Splendour, which I now know is like a 5-day long concert (what's not to love?), but it's safe to say I'll definitely be back.

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